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E-ZCapper.com - Sports Handicapping Web Site System

7 Version for all the budgets

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Client Testimonials

"EZCapper has taken my service to the next level, my old web site was just not cutting it anymore so E-ZCapper made me a cutting- edge site for an affordable price”

(Godfatherlocks.com) - Bob W.

"The EZCapper web site system is the easiest web platform I have ever used, I can easily connect with my customers daily and get my picks out quickly & securely”

(Picks2Play.net) - Carmen G.


“You're the best, Thanks!"

(Vegasbob.com) - Jesse


E-ZCapper Client List
EZCapper has over 70 valued clients.  As a general policy we do not list our client sites due to recent issues regarding spam and unsolicited marketing offers.  Note that we also have expired sites for sale.

(The web sites listed below are just a few samples sites.)

  • Please inquire with us for client references.  Due to the large amount of spam our clients receive we only provide references to qualified prospects.  Please contact us.
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